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We can't wait to show you that YOU have the WillPower!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to WillPower Personal Training

Thanks for coming to check out WillPower Personal Training! Personal Training for Anyone!

Only certain days? NO Problem ! Only a limited amount of time? NO Problem! Always busy with other things in life? Sound familiar? We will work with your schedule and make a plan to fit into YOUR life!
Yes YOU can obtain the goals you want!
You DO have the WillPower!
No matter the fitness level or physical abilities WillPower Personal Training will get you there.

We are a traveling personal training company that can take YOU to the level you want to be. We incorporate bands, balls, and body weight into our sessions and make them fun! We use the equipment (floor, wall, hills, cans, shoes) you have available making this an achievable routine.

Full range of services from beginner to elite offered including:

Boot Camp
Weight loss
Strength Training
Endurance Training
Marathon Training
Triathalon Training
Walking or Running Plans for any length of race
Nutritional Advice
Meal Plan Education
Grocery Store Shopping 101
Eating Out Tips
Understanding Food Labels

Listed below are some of the most popular sessions:

*30 Minute Rock Out Sessions
* Hour Single Session
* Hour Couples Sessions
* 5 and 10 Session Packages
* Boot Camp Negotiable depending upon the number of people
* Nutritional Advice and Food Label Explanations

Melissa Basham B.S.E., M.E.d., NASM-CPT, Apex Certified

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